Another owl in the parliament

Okay, I have to admit. I Googled the “parliament” part there. Because I really don’t know how to call a group of owls. I was actually about to write “flock” but I thought, maybe the term for owls is different and I got lucky to know a new information for today. 🙂

So, another owl has found its way to my parliament.

Last Tuesday, December 21, 2011 to be exact, was the second Christmas party that I attended this year and to my never ending surprise, I got an owl stuff again! The party was actually not a party but more of a get together of me and my best friends. We are only a group of four and we gave gifts to each other so all in all, I got three gifts that day and one of them is a key chain with a little owl on it. I was so happy that I giggled like a child as I opened the most unsuspecting gift wrap ever because it was not the size of an owl accessory and not fluffy like an owl puppet. 🙂


I am loving surprises already. 🙂

Chaneth was the one who gave me this owl key chain and I was actually surprised that she knew that I like owls because we’ve been apart for four years already. 🙂

I miss them so much!