Diary entry: Influence

I was on my third year in highschool when I joined the campus’ Journalism Club. Being a bookworm with no money to buy the books, my membership introduced me to a lot of people who had.

Writing for the school paper did not only allow me to borrow the books that I wanted to read, it also brought me to places where my school will compete for school press conferences.

Together with our Journalism Club mentor, we would join competitions in different schools and win sometimes.

My area was Feature writing.

During the competitions, there were topics that I loved that I already know I’d get the prize and topics that I had no connection at all giving my braincells a hard time delivering the right words. Both were challenging and nonetheless, worthwhile.

There’s a certain topic that I will never forget in my entire life because it was both, and not. I loved it because I had a wide range of answers for it but I knew I won’t win with any of those because of the lack of connection. Something I had to write for the sake of having an entry. It’s quite frustrating thinking about it now, but I was a young teen back then. And maybe being a first-timer at the Nationals clouded my thoughts. Or maybe these are just excuses and that I actually simply write poorly.

I said I wouldn’t forget it. But verbatim, I already did.
It went somehow like:
“The most influential person for you, not including your relatives.”

I was really challenged by this topic as I never encountered anything similar during training. I won’t tell my answer anymore though as it sounded more a diary entry than a feature on a paper.

Abe what is this all about if you won’t share the answer, then? Because I may have found a new one now. And this time, no prize is included but I want to write about it. Somehow giving closure to my teenage self too who let her emotions reach the National Press Conference judges. Lol

Today is May 1st. On normal days, I should be excited because, “Yay! Holiday!” but the past few days aren’t too normal at all for most of us have been on forced holiday for two almost two months now. An unseen predator is currently devastating the country as well making things far from coming back to normal. But while I am here, in the comforts of our own home, there they are, the so-called frontliners of this pandemic. It is May 1st and also happens to be a celebration of Labor Day in thr Philippines. But a holiday is non-existent to a virus that only knows to spread and kill. Hence, our frontliners also have to battle it at this time. Holiday, normal day, their own birthday, whenever that is. They are selflessly working; fighting for us.

A view from some laundry room in Tokyo. Shot by Abegail Layosa
A view from some laundry room in Tokyo.
Shot by Abegail Layosa

I may be at home now, doing nothing heroic. But I can say that these people highly influenced me to be productive in ways I can. To be a spring of positivity. To have their discipline. To be more appreciative of my job. I am inspired by how they stand firm to do theirs. In this post, I honor every working Filipino all over the world.

Thank you for doing your best.
For our health. Thank you, medical workers.
For our food supply. Thank you, delivery service providers and essential supplies companies.
For our economy. Thank you, OFWs, BPO and everyone working at home.
For our beloved near or far from us. Thank you, LGUs.
For the cleanliness. Thank you, maintenance workers, street sweepers, garbage collectors.
For safety. Thank you, military officers, security guards and peace and order volunteers.
For our awareness on the situation. Thank you broadcast reporters.

On a special note, I would like to give appreciation to my colleagues in Japan who continue the workforce and serve as our company’s frontliners while we can’t work here yet. Please know that all of your efforts are greatly appreciated.
As well as the leaders for all the hardwork in assuring every members on updates and for keeping us free from worry. To our ever understanding bosses, only the sincerest gratitude and a promise to perform even better whenever we can go back to work again. 🍀

And that is it. My new answer. Happy Labor Day!