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It’s never too late for Christmas Day post :)

I have been practicing my multi-tasking skills  because I have two active blogs already. Yay! And uhh, this post might be too late but hey It’s never too late for Christmas Day post 🙂

I spent the Christmas day with my family of course plus a Christmas day bonus, Bea came with us when we visited our grandfather’s house in Quezon City. 🙂 My sister was actually the one who invited her because they’ve been texting to each other that day and Bea mentioned that she’s just in her bed and my sis figured she might come along with us. So yeah. 🙂

I hate to mention this but my father didn’t accompany us that day, considering that we went to their house! We really don’t know where he went so we decided just to go there without him. We shared stories with our Lolo, they commented on how fat I became (again!) and we ate. Silly me was expecting for buko in a fruit salad! How can I not tell the difference. Oh my gosh. Haha.

After that, mama went home and Bea, SM, Marxi and me went to Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall to watch Enteng ng Ina Mo. 🙂

I really enjoyed that day though I cannot express it here. Haha!

Giving Back

Admit it or not, we always want to receive something for Christmas. May it be simple material gifts or the intangible things that can only be felt by the heart.

This Christmas, I tried my very best to save money and buy three of the most helpful friends I have and luckily, I was able to.

Jeynee, a high school friend and still very generous one. Though she has her own circle of friends, she still finds a way to give me something even just in an ordinary day. I was never last on her list and even if I am, I’m still thankful because I was there. I never had the chance to give her anything yet, aside from letters maybe and a gift from her birthday but this time, I wanted to give her something that she can make use of because she seem like a busy buddy nowadays. I hope with this simple gift I can add to her already happy Christmas.

Blessings came pouring on me because this year I met two people who had given me a lot already even though we just became friends and I wanted to give something back to them, to the best of my abilities.

Mahj, as mentioned here, whenever we go elsewhere, she always manages to provide me food so as I won’t get tired or anything. I admire that and most of all, I admire the trust and the company that she has given me. So I wish, through this gift, I can somehow repay some of those efforts and I promise to treat you next time. When I have money. 🙂

Nadine, the Master. I think I cannot write down all the things that this pink-loving girl has given me. The words in my vocabulary wouldn’t be enough if I were to enumerate each of them but generally, Nadine is the one responsible for everything I have in the blogging world. You wouldn’t be reading these exact words right now if it weren’t because of her. She is also the key to fulfilling my very dream of meeting my most favorite artist in the whole world, Adam Young, and I am very very very thankful for that. I will forever be thankful that she gave me this domain where I was able to earn enough money to buy concert tickets. All that because of her! She is truly a God given gift to everyone who knows her and so in return I would like to give her something that can show how much I appreciated all of her help. These gifts might be simple and she can buy these anytime she want but this is all I can afford so I just wish two things: 1. I wish that she’ll like it. 2. I wish that she never has it yet. (because she seem to have everything already!!!

I’m really not that good in giving gifts so I just made the wrappers look cool so that it may make a good impression. Heh~

I wish these girls would like my very simple gifts to them. I don’t have a job yet guise so deal with those for now. 🙂 Merry Christmas and thank you again! 🙂

Another owl in the parliament

Okay, I have to admit. I Googled the “parliament” part there. Because I really don’t know how to call a group of owls. I was actually about to write “flock” but I thought, maybe the term for owls is different and I got lucky to know a new information for today. 🙂

So, another owl has found its way to my parliament.

Last Tuesday, December 21, 2011 to be exact, was the second Christmas party that I attended this year and to my never ending surprise, I got an owl stuff again! The party was actually not a party but more of a get together of me and my best friends. We are only a group of four and we gave gifts to each other so all in all, I got three gifts that day and one of them is a key chain with a little owl on it. I was so happy that I giggled like a child as I opened the most unsuspecting gift wrap ever because it was not the size of an owl accessory and not fluffy like an owl puppet. 🙂


I am loving surprises already. 🙂

Chaneth was the one who gave me this owl key chain and I was actually surprised that she knew that I like owls because we’ve been apart for four years already. 🙂

I miss them so much!