The ones this fangirl loves

I am not the kind of girl (you just sang “Speak now” by Taylor Swift) who adore every good-looking guy in showbiz or the most-cheered topless guy on magazines (I like Jake Cuenca, though haha!) but when I idolized, I idolize BIG TIME! The unusual thing is, I adore artists just when they’re not that famous anymore. And what’s more peculiar is I used to hate them when they’re on the peek of their fame.

The band

Filipino band. Fronted by Miggy Chavez with Mong Alcaraz, Calde Calderon, Macoy Estacio and Ariel Lumanlan on his side. I believe the first time I heard of this band was when it’s the reign of their song “Seven Black Roses”. I just can’t understand the lyrics and why they stayed on the Pinoy MYX Countdown. But luckily, I have this emo friend, Rizza, who introduced me to this band and wholeheartedly lend me the mp3 filled with Chicosci’s songs. And I was caught by Miggy’s unique voice. Yung parang mapapaos na na hindi. Basta! Ahaha. And then there, I just saw myself attending the most hardcore concerts and gigs that you can think of. Yes, yung may batuhan ng bote at sinelas. I went there and endured the sweating crowd because CHICOSCI was there.

The one-man band

Honestly, I was irritated with “Fireflies” then because I think it was so overplayed. Whenever I’m watching Phineas and Ferb and decides to switch to a music channel, I always see this man on his keyboards surrounded by a lot of toys. It’s crazy. It happens all the time! I wonder if the channel is on holiday that their songs are on repeat every 5 minutes. That’s how irritated I was (I hope no hootowl will get angry at me.) Until, “Vanilla Twilight” came. It was like the song was perfectly written for me. The melody was exactly the way my ears wanted it to be. And Adam looked cute on the video. 🙂 So I Googled OWL CITY and died. I was like “WHAT THE HELL  I WAS THINKING HATING FIREFLIES AND ALL?” From then on, I made a pact that I’ll be making a twitter account to stalk Adam Young and that I’ll do everything to support him. ♥

To conclude, for me artists have different styles and ways in expressing their ideas and works of art what makes them great is the appreciation and the effect that it bring to the people whom they share their work into. 🙂

There, I wish you found any interesting things LOL jk. I know that’s hard but thanks for reading. Thanks for letting me share my fangirling stuff.