Spreading genuine care and appreciation through #AirAsiaPH #ThankYou Christmas Campaign

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It was when I started working that I first encountered this quotation and I can clearly remember I was wrapping Christmas presents for my family that time. The excitement is evident in every fold of the gift wrapper that I make because it was the first Christmas that I was able to buy them gifts from my income and not from my school allowance. I was searching for possible gifts to some of my relatives and stumbled upon this saying. I didn’t realize it until gift-giving on Christmas eve came. I observed that I received lesser gifts than I usually do compared to the others. The weird part though was I felt happy. The number of gifts I received decreased because I was one of the gift-givers that time as well. Hence, my loved ones’ received more gifts that Christmas. Since then, I’ve been looking forward to my family’s reaction on my gifts to them every Christmas because the happiness that I can see in their smiles are worth more than a dozen of material things.

Upon watching this #ThankYou Campaign ad by #AirAsia, I felt the same kind of feeling. Almost teary-eyed, I remembered how a simple “Thank you, ate!” from my younger sister made me feel so blessed. Genuine appreciation may seem but a very small effort but the happiness doubles to the one who hears it.


Gratitude indeed is in the air. By merely uttering two simple words, we will be able to uplift one another. I must say, this ad by #AirAsia need to spread like a wildfire. More people need to here “Thank you,” on a daily basis simply because there’s so much to be thankful for.

I am sharing this video not only as an entry to the blogging contest but because I fully support the #ThankYou campaign and its advocacy. And if some time, somehow someone will stumble upon this blog post of mine, I hope they’d feel that their efforts and simple deeds are not wasted. That they are worth thanking for.

Shall there be one person who I want to give my sincerest gratitude this holiday season, it will be the one of the most generous and selfless persons I know, my friend and mentor, Engr. Kenneth Estalane.

Ever since we started reviewing for the Civil Engineering Licensure Examinations, he never stopped encouraging me to study, even made different review techniques for me to try. During the examination day, he helped me ease the nervousness that I was feeling by staying with me until the exam proper starts. Undoubtedly, he passed the exam. Sadly, I failed. It was heartbreaking, my physical self almost became numb upon seeing the results. Tears voluntarily fall from my eyes and I hear nothing but my sobs. And then he came, from their house to ours, he set aside his own happiness to accompany me in my sorrow. Looking back, I can’t even remember if I was able to thank him back then. Had I thanked him, I believe that wasn’t enough for I was filled with sadness and disappointment that time, I can hardly focus on other things but myself.

That’s why I am taking this opportunity to do so. To thank him for believing in me even though I find it very hard to believe in myself. For bringing out the confidence I never knew I had; for merely believing that I can still accomplish something despite my shortcomings; for inspiring me amidst my self-discouragements, thank you. Thank you Engr. Kenneth Estalane for already considering me as one even though I failed. You saw my struggles your own eyes, you witnessed how I always wanted to just give up and settle with what’s easy but you know I am worth more than that and you made me see it.

You have become my living dream board and since you came —and stayed—, I knew I can reach my goals with you helping me and God guiding us.

I want to thank #AirAsia as well for coming up with this #ThankYou campaign. Win or lose, I am thankful  that I am able to realize how blessed I am with the people around me.From now on, I will use #ThankYou more often. I will make every person around me feel that they are worth thankful for.

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#ThankYou #AirAsia!

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