5 wonders of the internet in 2011


The internet has been radically changing the way we live our lives ever since its conception over two decades ago. And it’s still got a long way to go, pervading further and further into our daily routines with each development and embellishment. Some are wary of this craze, stating that this reliance on our new online world is unhealthy because it separates people from each other and from reality. However, I have long disagreed with this point of view. The internet is simply a way to expand our existence, helping us to manage all areas of our lives much more efficiently. Here are just five of the many life activities that the internet provides an enhancing platform for…



Social networks, messaging services, gaming, forums and many other online spaces have meant that people have so many more avenues for meeting each other. This has most particularly influenced the dating world and how we meet potential partners. There are now thousands of online dating sites where people find love, from Christian dating sites to single parent dating sites. Meeting people is no longer dependent on chance: it’s a certainty as long as you log on to the right places. 


The multitude of online tools has also meant that communicating and keeping in touch with people is a lot easier and a lot cheaper. Facebook, MSN Messenger, Skype and Google+ are just a few channels people can use to type, chat and have video conferences with others. As a result, people are easier to get hold of and maintain close relationships with, even if they live on the other side of the world. 


The internet is now also the main way people find and share information. This can be through retweeting a celebrity quote on Twitter, posting a music video on Facebook, or putting up your photos on Flickr and inviting your friends to see them. People are therefore kept up to date with all the latest personal and worldly news.


Email calendars accessible from your phone, Facebook groups and events, and various other smartphone applications make the old stresses of everyday life no hassle at all. No longer do we need to bother with train timetables and ordinance survey maps – information is available instantly to help us manage our everyday arrangements.


The revolution for blogging has meant that people have been encouraged to create something for themselves online, and some of the results have been truly wonderful. Just by scrolling through a blog host, you’ll see people sharing recipes, poems, plays, photos and much more from their various worlds. The internet has become a place to create and to display your work for other’s comment.


From UK dating sites to blogs about cooking, the internet really is opening up and enhancing the way everyone lives. And who knows where it could go from here…