I’m supposed to be doing my AutoCAD right now but I just don’t know what to do! So I figured I better write another post. Just to feed my long time hungry blog.

This day was quite tiring. Being the leader of the subject I’m most afraid of, I still don’t want to disappoint my groupmates so I scheduled a meeting this day for us to finish our laboratory exercises in Higher Surveying which we accomplished immediately.

group 6 higher surveying – altura bridge


Doing it under the heat of the sun didn’t help much but still, we worked hand in hand in finishing the lab works. Adding to it was the blurred stadia hairs in our borrowed theodolite so Byron, the Head-Of-Everything Man formalized some useful techniques in order to take accurate measurements. Of course with the help of Axxess, the Secretary. 🙂

Blessie and Daryll were inseparable so I put them on the Rodman’s position and there they started their unending chitchats. Only stopping when the stadia rod was not properly held by one of them and we had to shout the command. Ellen, being the you-know-what as she was, joined Daryll and Blessie in the positioning the stadia rod while we repeat LAB 2.

Abigael and Abegail were the display members. 😀 No, jk! Abby and me cooperated in clarifying the stadia hair readings in the theodolite and the measurement of the angles. We also became the utilitymen. 🙂 Though other members came late, we are still lucky to accomplish our task.

I’m glad because we still had fun while doing the lab works and that my members didn’t get angry when I came 19 minutes late. But sadly Andrea was not able to join the picture taking because she didn’t made it to the lab today due to ailments in her eye. 🙁

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