Support for my nephew

I was reviewing at a friend’s house who luckily was kind enough to tell me their WiFi password and so I was able to go online from time to time using my iPod touch. Usually, I browse on 9gag for good vibes or Facebook for news on my friends. I checked my Facebook this afternoon and I was notified that my younger sister tagged me on her status. I was more irritated than curious because I thought t was some random game invite but when I opened the link, it lead me to a like page for my nephew. The page was called Support for Niikolo which was made by our sister.

The page’s purpose is to gather support from friends from far away places with regards to my nephew’s heart condition. Niikolo is one year old and he was born with various health complications. We are hoping that through that page, we would be able to gather enough help in any terms regarding Niikolo’s operation.

If you have some free time, please visit the page and hit like. It will surely help the kid a lot. Thank you!

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