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Suddenly, it’s July.

Valentine’s day just passed, I just celebrated my birthday, classes started just weeks ago. And then suddenly, we are more than halfway through the year of the water dragon and moving closer to the predicted end of the world. Whew! Time. Y U HAVE TO FLY SO FAST?

I remembered it’s July because I suddenly felt the urge to make Adam Young a simple birthday present which a fangirl who lives far from Adam knows best: a Photoshopped picture of Adam which  the “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM YOUNG!” on it. It’s my mom birthday month as well and I hope I can give her something special this time especially that I have made so many mistakes and caused a lot of disappointments to her. Donna will be celebrating her 20th birthday the same as my mom and I already have a gift for her. Which just made me more eager to buy my mom a gift.

I don’t know but July somehow feels special for me. Maybe because the most special persons in my life were born in this month, hmm. By the way, would you help me find a gift for my mom? Pretty please! 🙂

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