Study hard!

Two things: First, I am not a girl scout. Second, that first sentence shall be taken literally and as some kind of a description as to how prepared am I to anything.

During grade school, I had this sickness that caused me to be confined in a hospital for weeks. It so happen that the girl scout camping was during that time and so I wasn’t able to attend the girl scout ceremony. I never experienced bridging, candlelighting and the other activities that they do during those camp nights. But when I got older, my parents already permitted me to attend Teen Camp because I can handle myself properly already.

Luckily for my younger sister, at a very young age, she is very active at school and evidently fit for those kind of activities. I adore her active participation in programs and other activities. I hope she stays healthy so that she may continue her awesome start at school.

It really is a good part of studying. Academic grades are the most important yet we still need some things which we can enjoy but still be able to learn. 🙂

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