Stranded galore

Another very strong typhoon just hit the Philippines this week. It was named typhoon “Falcon” as it followed another strong storm “Egay”. The two storms left a lot of cities and provinces in the Philippines flooded.

Last June 23, Thursday, I experienced the effect of typhoon “Falcon”. The opening of the day was fine. I went to school at 8:10am, late for a 7:30 class well anyways, we are dismissed 11:00am and I hurriedly rushed to this internet cafe where Bea stays and waits for me. The plan is we’ll go to the main campus where I’ll finish my OJT files and then we’ll proceed to CEA (College of Engineering and Architecture) to pass the files to our president, Vince.

We went to the library and there I finished my the chapter 3 of my requirements. The rain got stronger as we left the main campus. We attempted to ride a pedicab but the fare was too expensive than the usual. The driver reasoned that it’s because the street was already flooded. But there’s no way I’m going to pay 30.00 pesos for a short ride. So we took the tricycle ride instead which was 50% cheaper. The flood was normal to me because it always happen when it rains in PUP Sta. Mesa but I never expected the knee-high flood and how foolish I was that time for sitting inside the trike and not expecting the flood to come inside. We were literally standing inside the tricycle while watching the water rush into our feet with tetra packs and other garbage. Yuuuck? Yeah!

But if you think you’ve read the worst, here’s more.

We reached CEA, the flood had subsided already and I successfully handed the files to Vince. The rain is still pouring hard but our shoes were already wet so we risked walking in the rain not knowing that there’s another knee-high flood that awaits us just as we turned left. But there’s no turning back. We crossed the street with our heads held up high as the people inside the safety of their homes peek through their windows watched us like a tourist attraction. I can feel the bubbles form inside my shoes and I know they’re disgusting but what disgusts me more are the loitering cockroaches all over the place.

Yes. We experienced this. Only in Pureza street. Haha!

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