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Starting with glasses

Honestly, I’m not that really into fashion. I wear whatever available clothing from our old closet yet I still try to look good at times. Who could take that away from a twenty year old girl like me anyway? Maybe if I have enough money, I can pursue whatever fashion sense that I like but since, I am limited to my everyday allowance, I have no choice but to stick with what we can afford.

I like exploring though. If there’s a new trend, I’ll try to keep up without risking my real personality. I guess that’s what fashion should really be all about — expressing yourself through clothing.

Nowadays, clothes aren’t the only ones being trendy. Hair accessories, make-ups, shoes and other accessories give people a wider choice in fashion. As for me, I suddenly adored eyeglasses. I don’t know but when bunny-eared/hello kitty fashion glasses came into the fashion scene, I honestly wanted to try one out until I discovered these:

Actually, I wanted this kind of glasses even before it became mainstream. It’s just that, I’m really not into fashion that much that’s why I don’t put much effort into things like these until now. The one with the thinner frame is actually Harry Potter’s glasses. Since I started cosplaying already, I figured I have to invest in props such as this. I am starting with the cheap ones and hopefully will get to save enough for the costumes. Praying 24/7 for that. 🙂

Yeah. This is how it looks like when worn. Haha. Marxi personally wanted the thick-framed one. Kids this days. Haha.


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