SRSLY, Facebook?

Why does Facebook have to always impose that Timeline thingy to everyone who doesn’t want it? We’re okay with the simple profile, why alter it over and over again? They could have just updated everybody’s profile if in the end they will be forcing us to use that Timeline. Leaving us with the old profile is like giving us the chance to choose what we really want. I just don’t understand the purpose of letting us have a choice if sooner they will force us to do what they want?

I don’t like the new Facebook Timeline because I find it hard to navigate in there. The bullets or whatever they call it distracts me. The posts seem to be repeating also and i easily get irritated with  that. I also don’t want every photo tagged to me be spread all over my profile especially that the photos are not thumbnails but large ones.

Maybe I’ll just search and install some extension that’s scattered out there to at least return to my old Facebook once that timeline of mine has been obligatorily published.

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