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Sponge Cola Ultrablessed Album Launch

January 31, 2014. SpongeCola ended the month with pure awesomeness.

Almost exactly one month ago, I purchased a copy of SpongeCola’s latest album entitled Ultrablessed. It was a very timely event actually for I just quit my job and was almost on the verge of being broke when I found out about the launch.  It was a good thing that the band kept on updating their fans which gave me the chance to save for the launch day. Besides, I really really miss watching them perform live.

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For 500php, I got Ultrablessed, Maximum Capacity (SC’s first major concert) DVD and a poster. But the very thing that I treasure the most are the memories. Yip, we’re heading to emo lane now. Haha.

But honestly, I just realized I’ve been supporting SpongCola for quite some time now. I may not be able to buy their albums when I was still in highschool but I can proudly say that I was there, leaning on the railings or going with a friend who had the money to buy an album. I was there. That’s why though cheesy, I cried during the throwback medley performance that they did on the event. The feeling stayed the same. They’re still as good as ever. One of the BEST OPM BANDS EVER!

Yael’s sign language, Armo’s hair flips, Gosh’s second voicing and TMac’s welcoming aura are only a few of the things that makes this band one of a kind and worth remembering through time.

I shall make a different post about the album. Because it deserves to. Hihi.

Meanwhile, here are some of the photos during the album launch. Photos I grabbed from Rhona, a fellow SC fan.
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Fellow Sponge Cola fans Ate Jan, Rhona and Shay.

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Yael in his not-at-all-bothered-with-your-cameras-on-my-face performance.

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I tried to be cute and this was his response. “Masakit lang ngipin?” Haha!

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Autograph signing!! <3
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And lastly, me and Clarence with Armo. I really like him. >////< I will never resize this. Haha.

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