Someday maybe…

Never have I thought I would engage to a last-minute Christmas shopping ever. But this year, I didn’t just do a simple gift rushing but I risked myself into facing a battlefield which is Divisoria. If you haven’t been to Divisoria during Christmas season yet but have riden the MRT during rush hour, multiply the volume of people by four of five, imagine lots of shinanigans everywhere and you’re close to what it looks like. 😀
I always used to buy gifts there when I was still broke and jobless because you know, during those times, I believed I can make everybody happy with my 500 pesos. Now that somehow, I am already earning, I wanted to give them more. And yet, I still shop at Divi. Maybe it’s just a hard habit to break. My budget changed though. Dramatically if I may say.. 🙂
But still I envy those who can spend lots of money to be able to make other people happy. Those who can afford buy b.c. rich bass guitar for example. I want to be able to give my loved ones the very gifts that they wish for no matter how expensive or how hard it is to find. I just love seeing happy faces and thankful smiles. 🙂
Someday maybe…

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