So much for a comeback

Hi! I am back.

Back to say sorry again for being inactive these past few MONTHS. A lot of major changes happened lately that’s why it seems so hard for me to get back on the things that I’ve been doing before. Including maintaining this blog. But still, I promise to keep this blog and from time to time post about the owl princess’ experiences. Just like now.

In spite of my poor blogging performance, there’s something that I am really looking forward to this year. My graduation.

Yep, I just finished my last semester this October and is about to march next month. Oh! The feels.

I will surely miss school though. Especially the group projects and the positive buying experience whenever we conduct cost estimates on different construction products.

Looking forward to the real world as well. Because we can only move forward right? The past will stay where it was. While we unravel the wonderful surprises of the future that awaits to be our present.

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