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So I tried putting on false eyelashes

Yes. This is still part of my cosplay fever. One of my problems is that I don’t look Japanese at all while most of the anime characters are Japanese. It’ s really hard for me to fit in when it comes to looks but in spirit, I think I can do it. 🙂

Besides, I have started to have faith in makeup ever since I embraced cosplaying. Though I am not used to applying makeup, I have friends who are willing to do mine and to teach me eventually. For our K-on! cosplay preparation, we bought false eyelashes in order to make our eyes look more uhhmm… fabulous? Haha!

And so I tried it and it looked like this on me:

false eyelashes

See? I don’t look anime-ish at all. It’s just the want that drives me into this world. That’s why I love makeups now. They really enhances our facial value though the natural beauty is still best. But in the cosplay world, makeup is a must.

I know I need a lot of experience and practice before I can finally put makeup on my own. Fashion blogs and Youtube tutorials come in handy at moments like this but I am very much willing to learn.

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