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Snow White and bloggers’ overnight!

If there’s one thing that I’d forever love in this world, it’s the freebies! Oh don’t mind my grammar. Hehe!

Having blogger friends opened a lot of opportunities and gave so many new experiences to me. I have gone to places I would never have gone if I remain this simple school girl who has no social life. I also met new people, very humble people who are always blessed because of their generosity.

Mahj, Tumblr famous, blogspot explorer and Nuffnang devotee, have shared so many of her online blessings to me. First was her Hunger Games pass and the latest is the ticket Nuffnang gave her for being one of the first 100 (i think) to submit their blog post about a certain product. I was actually surprised when she asked me to accompany her because we seem or should I say she seem to have a one-sided misunderstanding between us. Anyways, since, I have been eyeing on that movie the moment I saw its poster on SM Sta.Mesa, I didn’t think twice and accepted her offer. Of course just after making sure that she willingly wants to give me the plus-one ticket that she got. 🙂

My happiness increased when I found out that Ate Lyz, another blogger friend, also got tickets and will be watching the premier with us. To my surprise, she offered to ask her friend Clint to give Bea his plus-one ticket so Bea can come along to and he said yes.

The movie was okay. Though it didn’t have that ooommph! that I was expecting in a movie especially that Kristen is the main character. I was expecting a new Kristen… not Bella but all throughout the movie, she was Bella to me. Even as we talk about it as we go home, we call her Bella. Ravenna was cool though. She scared the sh.. out of me, really. And mirror. Hahaha! The thing I liked about it is that it was far from the usual Snow White in the fairy tale because it was full of action yet the part with the dwarfs still made me go back to the story that I used to know when I was a kid.

Though we were seated apart from each other, we had time to take pictures after. 🙂

”] We proceeded to Ate Lyz’s house after the movie. Too bad that no matter how we persuade Mahj, she still wouldn’t join the overnight because her mom wouldn’t allow her. We’d really love her to come with us. Maybe next time.

When we arrived at Ate Lyz’s house, we changed our clothes and then ate. We shared chitchats while eating and I am very happy that even though we just met Clint, Mei and Meann, there are no dull moments. They were all fun to be with. 🙂

After eating, we decided to start the movie marathon but ended up having a hard time to choose what movie to watch. I prefer the Disney movies which of course are boring to the most of them so I didn’t insist on it anymore. Until finally, Ate Lyz played a CD and there we watched Naked Weapon. MeAnn fell asleep just moments before the movie ends while I and Bea slept at around 4am when the The Woman in Black is being played.

We continued watching The Woman in black in the morning and Kimmy Dora afterwards. Mei, Clint and Meann went home after KimmyDora while Bea and me stayed to watch Death Note. We really love staying there. Haha!


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