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SM Free Movie Day

Like what I always say, I love free stuff. That’s why when a friend recommended about this free movie app on Facebook, I immediately tried it out and luckily for me, after a series of unfortunate events regarding the registration, I was still able to get myself and my friends our vouchers.

We chose to watch The House at the End of the Street just because Katniss is the main character. LOL yeah, I still call her Katniss. Even when were already watching and the scenes were so scary, I can’t help but yell, “Katniss use what have you learned in the Games!!” Hahaha! I think our group were the loudest ones because we were a bunch of scaredy-cats. I can even hear our neighbors mocking our screams which scared us even more.

Yet, it was a great experience. It was our first time to watch a movie together as well. If it weren’t for the free movie passes. Thanks to e-Plus and SM Cinema. 🙂

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