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SJCon Outfit

It has become my habit to take a photo of myself whenever I’m up to somewhere and find my outfit cute. I know I’m not the only one. Hihi.

Anyway, this was taken last November 3, 2012 when I was about to attend the first ever SJ Convention here in the Philippines.

I am not used to attending events like that that’s why I don’t know what to wear. But since it’s a KPop event, I decided to wear something that somehow looks Korean-ish. Though I’m really not sure if I gave justice to the KFashion. It’s just that, I don’t want to look mediocre for the very reason that I am meeting my new ELFriends. I want to give them a good impression that I am not only nice in text but also in real life. LOL. Plus, I have failed to look “cute” during BigBang’s concert that’s why I am making an effort here because it’s Super Junior!! Yay!

So yeah, for those who are wondering, I bought the dress in a thrift shop in Pateros for 70 pesos. You guys should go there too if you want to buy awesome clothes but don’t want to spend that much because they have tons of unique and expensive-looking dresses that amount to two digits only. 🙂 My shoes are from Natasha. I used to wear that when I was in highschool and it belongs to my younger sister now but you know, I’m le poor sister. Haha. And my bag, though not visible is a gift from my sister which she bought at a tiangge.

Any comments or suggestion on my look? Hihi.

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