Just an update.

I got sick last Monday to Tuesday, good thing we don’t have classes during those days. But I still went to school because we had a groupwork for our Construction Project Management and I think that just made my fever worst. I’m sad that I wasn’t able to contribute anything to our group, except for the Bid Documents that I was assigned to do. I don’t know but now, I find it hard to go along with some of them already. Yet, I’m still thankful to those who shared their concern and let me go home when they discovered that I’m hot with fever. Iara and Adrian:)

I hope they understand why I seem too tired that day. Well, if they’re not thinking that I’m always that way, with or without the fever.

Anyways, regarding the sickness, I too was worried especially now that dengue mosquitoes are all around. But the time when I was sick, my body just wouldn’t let me move a little. Every movement I make, my head hurts like hell. That’s why I’m convinced not to go to the doctor because I’m too weak even to get up and eat but Mama insisted that I have to eat and we’ll visit the doctor. I’m glad she nagged me. We consulted the doctor and found out that I have Upper Respiratory Track Infection. The meds cost too much so we bought just two out of the three medicines prescribed, 6 pieces and 3 pieces of each respectively.

I’m okay now though. But I still have to take all the prescribed medicines. Money money Y U ALWAYS OUT OF REACH!

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