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Shop Review: Tofu Crunch Shop

Usually I would browse through a certain cosplay market group in Facebook but not actually grab whatever’s being sold even though that’s what I need because I fear of being scammed. It was my first time buying contact lenses online, lucky enough, I have stumbled upon Tofu Crunch Shop’s advertisement on Facebook.

tofu crunch shop

I believe that Tofu Crunch Shop has two owners but since our transaction is purely online, I wasn’t sure if I was able to talk to both of them or just one, nevertheless, the treatment that I got is very satisfying. I asked so many questions, some of those I may have asked repeatedly but they still answered me informatively and politely.

I once shared a photoshoot experience with one of the owners that’s why I trusted them and with the help of other reviews and proof of legitimacy, I finally decided to try buying from this shop.

Another main reason that made me decide to buy from them is that they have a catalog of when worn contact lens — with the owners themselves personally modelling it— which is a very big help to buyers especially those who are not that familiar with the different effects/styles of different lens brands — in this case, just like me.

[Contact lens when worn catalog link:

Proof of legitimacy link: ]

I needed a vibrant blue lens for my Aoi Asahina (Danganronpa) cosplay and found just what I wanted on their said Facebook album. I canvassed for the price and immediately got a response. I shared the information to my friends and they got interested as well that they asked me to order for them. I canvassed for the price of multiple orders and got a discount!  So I asked more of my friends if they want to tag along with the purchase, luckily, more affirmed. Due to constant change on number of orders, my canvassing became very frequent but I never found a hint of annoyance from them. As the number of items I order increase, the price kept getting lower as well which is very nice!

Came payday, my friends and I finally agreed on officially ordering from Tofu Crunch Shop. I placed my final order then. Again, their politeness and professionalism was very evident. I even sent last minute request (regarding my shipping address) and they assured me of it.

The next day, I was at work when my sister texted me that a package was received for me. Yay! Our contact lenses finally arrived! When I got home, I checked the items and they were exactly what I ordered. I informed TFS about it and thanked them, they thanked me in return.

Overall: 10/10 would recommend Tofu Crunch Shop to my friends. Friendly service, smooth transaction, trustworthy owners, well-kept items, reasonable price.

Probably will post with photos when we’ve used the lenses already. ^_^

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