Seen or unseen

Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven. — Matthew 6:1

A lot of ideas are jam-packed into this 34-versed chapter. Personally, I think this has been God’s answer to my constant prayers this past few weeks. And a lot more are added maybe for the concerns I failed to pray for but God sees deep in my heart.

Being righteous is easy. The following circumstances are what makes it hard. Because right now, we are living in a world where the enemy can work easily because the people are easy to fool. This world offers things we thought we need until we are consumed by the idea of it. Until we have to do everything to the point of disobeying God just to be happy with it.

Being righteous is easy. By default, no one is born evil. We are not born with the desire to hurt others or to do what God doesn’t want. But as we grow old, as we become more exposed to this world and what it can offer, we tend to switch paths and go the wrong way just to satisfy ourselves but not our spirit.

Being righteous is easy but it may hurt sometimes since we live in a world where materialism, selfishness and hypocrisy reign. It may hurt sometimes not to be able to live just like everyone else. We may question God why do other people not suffer the way you do. It is because they are living in this world and for themselves only.

A friend of mine once said, “The moment we accept Christ in our hearts, we are no longer citizens of this world.” Our citizenship is in heaven. We are strangers here. That’s why sometimes our actions are exactly the opposite of theirs. We get hurt, insecure and jealous because their lives seem to be a lot easier than ours. Simply because we don’t live according to this world but according to God’s will and plan. So just keep on following Jesus and God’s commands for above anything else in this universe and everything else in all creation, there is only one that we should please. Not ourselves, not our partner but God.

Do good deeds not for the sake of being rewarded by it. God doesn’t want that. Do good because you want to. Deep inside your heart, you want to. Do not do good in front of an audience and then do the opposite when no one’s watching. Only the people of this earth here do that. Because no matter where we are, Somebody sees us and He is the only one we should do good things for . Because He wants us to do good to each other and so we must. Seen or unseen.

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