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School Planner (for tweens)

Bea and I went to SM Megamall last June 4, 2011 for a little date. 🙂 She just got her pay from the job she went this summer.Just in time for opening of new school year. The major plan is to buy her bag in Bench and then the rest will be eating and window shopping. 😀 We strolled through the mall and saw a lot of cute stuff but too expensive.

On our last minute inside the mall, we stumbled upon Powerbooks. I saw beside the counter this Total Girl school planner and instantly feel in love with its cuteness but I don’t have any intentions of buying it until a voice over said that the mall will be closing in 15 minutes and that the shoppers need to finish their shopping (haha). Out of the blue, I grabbed the covered copy of the school planner and brought it in the cashier. Yeah, I bought the school planner.

The paper bag of Powerbooks is also cute! Everything about this planner is cute and I really think this is going to help me this school year. Maybe that’s the reason why I actually bought it for 195.00 pesos. I didn’t even think about this planner being dedicated to tweens only. I don’t care!!! 🙂 I love the stickers!!

Cute!!! 🙂

This planner now obviously belongs to me. 😀

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