One sad thing about being known as a happy person is that nobody really cares if you’re sad, miserable, down or frustrated. Comforts are sent here and there. You are thankful but you are aware that those don’t instantly take the pain away. And being the happy one as you are, you tend to deal with your hardships alone. Too ashamed of what others might think of you if you poured your problems out. But you know yourself. You are not one of the people who fake their feelings just to be seen. You are suffering and indeed you can’t bear the pain anymore. You think a moment of solitude will help but it only made the hurting worst so you suffer twice and just wish for the most unthinkable. You consider yourself hopeless and do nothing but write a blog entry.

If you suffer the same situation, let me say sorry because I can see no solution be included in this blog post for I, myself is still trapped in that cold selfish night of overflowing burden and disappointments.

I just wish you find you own way of dealing with the predicament just for a short-term relief and leave the rest to the Healer. Pray. I guess that one I also seldom forget that’s why this is happening to me.

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2 thoughts on “S.O.S

  1. I remember readings this <3 And so i can relate. Hehe, anyway sagutin ko comment mo here.

    May desktop kame, hahaha pero sa tito ko na sya, tapos ngayon nagtotopak sya ayaw magOn sakin 🙁 Hopefully tom may netbook nako magadik tayo abeng haha! mwah!

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