Ryu Sanada

Speaking of Kimi Ni Todoke, I just want to say that Kazehaya doesn’t affect me as much as he makes Clarence and Donna giggle when they see him for I always used to find love in the most unusual places, and this time, in this anime, I found love in Ryu Sanada.

Though discreet, Ryu is someone somebody can count on. He doesn’t talk that much (which I suppose what made me love him from the start haha!) but listens and observes well. He loves pets thus the sadness when Chizuru separated him from Pedro, Kazehaya’s puppy. Lastly, he likes, uhh… loves his childhood friend Chizuru Yoshida. Which is somehow ironic because I should be hating on Chizuru right now just as other fangirls but I like their story and Ryu’s patience towards Chizuru only makes him more attractive than ever.

Ryu Sanada: A man of actions, not words.

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