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Rilakkuma lover

Ok, I must admit. I am crazy over this cute bear already.
While some of my friends already have a room full of Rilakkuma, I on the other hand is on step one of my Rilakkuma collection.
I have bought Rilakkuma plushies before because I really think that its cute. My nephew loves his Rilakkuma huggable too so I bought two more for him. I also gave another plushie to my kawaii friend, Nadine before.

But I never thought that I’d go buying my stuff, Rilakkuma-designed —especially office stuff. Hehe. Well, yeah. My first non-plushie Rilakkuma purchase is this tiny cup. I wonder why its green though. I asked the saleslady if they have the brown one but nah. Surprisingly, I still went on with this green cup. I posted this on Instagram and actually surprised that a lot of my friends found it cute. Any color indeed goes well with those circle eyes and tiny bear nose.

IMG_20150908_104020Next thing I bought are these Rilakkuma wooden clips. I have plenty of clips at the office but to add design on my workplace, I bought it. Haha! Still serves its purpose though. 🙂

Do you love Rilakkuma too? It will be great to see your collection, Rilakkuma or not, please spare me the kawaiiness~~ Hihi.

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