I am really saddened by the recent typhoon that hit the Philippines. I never really thought about it until a friend suggested that we donate whatever we can. As for me, I can give clothes because I myself am also struggling for financial resources. I really hope we can get to them soon.

I can remember the days when it is us who were flooded by Ondoy and Habagat. Stores and business establishments were not spared, all their supplies got washed away by the flood and I can feel how big the damage was that time.  But hand in hand, the people in our neighborhood started to clean the mess that the storm left. It was difficult yet a fulfilling sight to see. Everybody just had something to do and the stores are starting to improve again with their new mfried.com for store displays. It was really hard to cope up especially when everyone around were also lacking resources that’s why this time, I am very thankful that people are still very willing to help.

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