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Riding a bus on my way home from school, I always see these banners of what seem like circus performers. I’ve always been curious about these performers because they seem very light as a feather and looks like flying as they travel from one trapeze to another. I’m always wonder struck as they flew across the stage with almost invisible harnesses. There’s this show that I’ve been seeing on commercials frequently in the past few days and they look like the performers on the banners. The show was Varekai by Cirque Du Soleil and they’ve also been featured in different shows in our country which made me more curious.

Adding to the excitement, they will also be doing another performance called Mystère, one of the most awaited vegas shows. If only I could, I would definitely watch it. The ticket prices are worth the experience. I heard that the classic Cirque du Soleil has been preparing hard  for this show and I believe that they are incredible performers. Just by the make their make up and costumes, they can capture the audience already. What more if they started doing their thing? Oh. It thrills me.

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