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Recovering old blogs

Once a blogger, forever a blogger. No matter how low the ember on the coal shines, it still glows. And right now, an enough amount of oxygen fanned my fire in writing which led me to recovering my old blogs.

Answering security questions never bothered me anyway. It actually felt good being able to reminisce thru my younger years in blogging. Having full access on my old blogs, I saw that brave, opinionated, up-to-date teen me. SOme posts seem funny now that I have matured and knew which things are bloggable and not. But no regrets. In fact, it made me want to improve even more now.


I just transferred to my new job and I am very, very glad that I have more time to blog now. On my phone are the tons of photos that I was supposed to be blogging before but end up being mere phone photos. This time, little by little, I would like to share those memories on my blogs. It sure will be a long ride on memory lane. Would you like to travel with me?

I am not a full-time writer or a blogger. I am an engineer. But passion knows no profession and no matter what stuff I do at work or in everyday life in general, there will always be a part of me that says, “I’m going to write about this!” And now that I finally have the opportunity, I will be rebuilding my blogs and hopefully find friends along the way — old and new.

I admire those people who can handle their time effectively that even though they have other full-time jobs, they cna still keep their blogs updated. I see a ray of light. This time, I will not just keep the thoughts to myself or the photos on my phone. I will write because this is what makes me happy. 🙂

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