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Rave Party 2011 – What to wear?

February 21, 2011

So we’re having this so called RAVE PARTY on February 23. It’s like a party for Civil Engineering students in our school maybe to unwind and just forget about the hardcore lectures and exams.

On the previous Rave (I’m first year that moment) we were required to wear black outfits.I wore my sister’s balloon dress paired it with a rather large red belt and luckily I looked presentable in it.

Here’s a photo of me (with Axxess and Ticle) wearing that dress:

axxess, ticle, me

So now, I’m thinking of what outfit to wear and the party is on Wednesday! Black is not required now, though. But it still has to be dark in color which most probably mean black anyway.

Look at these pretty ladies in here

I don’t know who these ladies are but their outfits are cute, aren’t they? I would really love to wear the outfit of the third one from the left! Or from the right. Both of them in the middle. I love to wear that! Oh. Maybe in my dreams.

I have this idea on my mind but I know I cannot afford to buy such glamorous outfit but I want to look cute and exceptional on that night. Call me excited but I really want to look nice on that event. I also have this goddess inspired dress in my mind which I know would look good to skinny girls unlike me. And then Google gave me this bunch of cute black party dresses. Ah!!! I want that too! The one with the tulle.

Sigh. Whatever may be, may be.

Oh well, I’m still attending that party mainly because of the food. I love foods in parties. 🙂

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  1. I discovered your blog last week and started follow your posts religiously. I have not commented on any blog just yet but I was thinking I would love to. It’s really exciting to actually contribute to a article even if it’s only a blog. I really don’t know exactly what to write other than I really enjoyed reading through 2 of the articles. Nice articles indeed. I sure will keep visiting your blog weekly. I learned quite a bit from you. Thx!

    1. Hi! uhm. this is such a touching message. thanks for even reading my posts and actually liking two of them. i’m sorry for the super late reply, my web host just encountered a small problem for the past few days so i wasn’t able to reply on comments or post anything new anyways i visited your blog too. cute pets! 🙂

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