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December 17, 2012

Insomnia finally gave me something better to do aside form fangirling and creating a hole in my pillow using my head. Since this laptop was reformatted due to a very risky virus that caused the device to shut down randomly by itself, this time, I decided to install a page rank checker tool in our engine that I used to have before the reformation happened.

To my surprise, the one that I installed is better than the previous PR checker tool because it shows the Alexa Rank as well and the backlinks. And even though I am not an SEO expert, I still care about my pages’ standing on the internet. I have been maintaining this blog for almost two years and I am proud to say that this gave me a lot of benefits already that’s why I am trying my best to improve its ranking.

prc tool

Curious, I Googled about this Alexa rank that my newly-installed tool shows. My friend already explained this to me but this time, I decided to read for more articles regarding Alexa and all the blogs that I visited gave the same thought about what Alexa rank is all about. It gives an analysis of the website’s traffic and page views within a span of time.  And because I am not striving to be an SEO expert, just knowing about what it can do to my blog is already okay to me.

Blogging indeed isn’t that easy as everybody else thinks. You need to pour time and effort if you really want your website to be on the top of the ranks. It takes time of course.

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