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Rampage 2015

Rampage is the largest gathering of League of Legends (LoL) gamers and fans in the Philippines. It has been successfully held for four consecutive years! And each year, Rampage events never fail to amaze, entertain and make the participants anticipate for another exciting event the following year.

Now, let me share with you my Rampage feels one year ago. (Rampage 2014)rampage2014

Yep. I was a brokenhearted LoL fan last year. I have just started playing League that time and I was really into it. It was my first time to play a MOBA game, I was challenged but in a good way. I play LoL every night with my friends and they’ll teach me techniques and stuff. I also learned about Rampage from them.

I am a cosplayer but I haven’t heard Rampage before. Maybe because none of us in our cosplay group really plays LoL until I did. And so my fangirl self instantly wanted to attend Rampage 2014. And since I am the only LoL player in our cosplay group, I have no choice but to go myself. I planned to go, I really wanted to. But another cosplay convention was being held days before Rampage and we were scheduled to cosplay then. I had to prioritize it because we were cosplaying as group. And so… my hopes of attending Rampage 2014 vanished.

Fast forward, one year later and and here is my Facebook post now.

Trans: RAAAMPAAGGEE!! #overjoyed Dream come true to attend. *tears of joy emoticon*

Yip! I was able to attend Rampage 2015 and I. HAVE. NEVER. BEEN. SO. HAPPY. I didn’t expect to enjoy this much but I did! First glance of the Rampage 2015, I knew this will be a good time. I was with bae (haha) and his cousin. They are both hardcore gamers, they are my senpais. Hihi. They supported me in fulfilling this Rampage dream. Because not only did I attend Rampage 2015, I also cosplayed! I dressed up as Popstar Ahri (which I’ll be blogging about separately) that day which meant I had to roam around World Trade Center in high heels! And I never regretted a thing!! Hihi. It was hard and painful, yes. But whenever I feel like ranting, I am telling myself, “You wanted this! Rampage, Popstar Ahri. YOU WANTED ALL OF THAT SO ENDURE!” And then I’ll just inhale the good vibes and the mere fact that I was surrounded by thousands of League of Legends players.

I always mention this in my posts, that when  fangirl, I fangirl a lot! And that is what happened on my first ever Rampage experience. I was overwhelmed with ALL of the LoL cosplayers that day, that if I were not on cosplay, I probably had photo ops with all of them.

And to date, Rampage 2015 for me has been the most organized cosplay-related event that I have attended. Cosplayers didn’t have to pile up like sardines on comfort rooms because a lot were provided for us. The venue is big enough to enjoy as well as fangirl, have photoshoots, rest and eat while still enjoying the event. If it is mandatory to have a “What I didn’t like” portion, I think it would be the merchandise part of the event. We never had the chance to even look at the merch because the line is too  long. I wish they had allotted a larger space where participants can roam around the stuff and have time to choose. But that’s just a pinch of disappointment compared to the enjoyment that the event brought.

Kudos to the organizers because the event is really very ENTERTAINING. Hoping to attend more Rampage events! 🙂

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