Blogging Diary

Priorities and a major change

Lately I’ve been very busy thinking of so many if not irrelevant, not-so important things. I have overlooked the ones that should be first on my list because of trying to fulfill my dreams when I was not earning my own money yet. Maybe that’s the thing when you finally had a job. You’ll get what you want no matter what.

So I bought this and that. Tried a lot of things that I would never have done if I was still relying on my school allowance. It made me happy but the stress came afterwards. I just came to a point when I am not even sure where my money went to. One day it was payday and then the next day I was left with nothing but regret.

Good thing I was able to give my mother a portion of what I’m getting from this job. I just have to minimize my expenditures and focus on what’s more important.

Less fangirling this time. Oh well.


Speaking of priorities, finally, I will be able to blog more regularly this time for we have a decent internet connection already. Upon having a WiFi at home. I quickly visited my old blogs and decided on which one’s to keep and which one i have to bid goodbye to.

And I am very happy to be able to use Nadine’s Tumblr theme for my website. Finally. After a really long wait.

Weeee! Happy blogging!

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