To our lovable Princess

We have a dog named Princess. She is a pitbull. Neji’s family gave her to us when she was 2 years old. She is very beautiful and healthy. She has become my favorite amongst our other dogs such as Lyka, Bella, Juts, Chino, and GF. The three latter already in heaven so Princess, Lyka and Bella are our current pets.


Now, she is five and sad to say, she has become weak and has wounds. The hard part is we don’t know where the allergy came from. And we are afraid that she might not make it until tomorrow. ;(

And moments from now, mama said that Princess is gasping her breath.


I will never forget that we had a dog named Princess. She was a pitbull. Neji’s family gave her to us when she was 2 years old and died at 5. She is still very beautiful though already unhealthy. She is still my favorite. She is now with the other three in heaven. Making  Lyka and Bella our current pets. She was very quiet and solemn. Everybody who knows her will surely miss her.

We love you, Princess.

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2 thoughts on “To our lovable Princess

  1. that’s sad 🙁 coincidentally your blog url is princessdiaries :< don't worry, wherever she is now she's going to be your angel 🙂 I miss my putims too 🙁

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