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Princess diaries: Today I took out my pen and wrote again

I could use a little help because I do not know how to start a blog post anymore. Kidding. But indeed, after ages of not writing, I eventually lost my writing style. It’s sad but it’s also nothing that constant practice can’t salvage.

This situation is pretty normal, I guess. Especially to those who really make a living out of writing. There comes a time when after a long rest, our hands will just itch to jot down the words from our heads. Of course, it won’t come out without an inspiration. As for me, I am happy to have found inspirations that I know can make me write more often again.

This will be a short one for now. Just for the sake of having to start. Also, this blog has been filled with PR posts for quite some time. I am thankful to those who trust me in blogging that I want this blog to be more… than it used to for that “quite some time.”

For now, let me introduce to you, SB19.
My inspiration to go back to the craft I once held dear.

SB19: Filipino idol group spreads P-pop and positivity - Digital Life Asia
Photo from: SB19 Official Instagram

I have been a fan for a few months now and in those few months, I saw my fellow fans dedicate a portion of their daily life to helping SB19 be known more by endorsing their music, bringing their name to brands, mentioning them on SNS for Social Charts. Along with that is SB19 improving their craft even more. Bringing new flavor performance every after performance. I feel inspired by the camaraderie that SB19 and A’Tin (fandom’s name) have created that something in me itched to be productive as well. I can be more that this, too. I can be as dedicated as A’Tin and SB19, too.

I am at work at the moment of writing. It happens more often now. When my urge to write come at the most unexpected times. Only now that I actually, finally let the thoughts transform into written words. Yes, today, after a long time of hiatus, I finally took out my pen and wrote again.

I am trying to come back in blogging again but I have to go for now.

Let me leave this manifestation before I go back to work: THIS BLOG WILL BE MORE THAN WHAT IT USED TO.

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