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Unlike the previous one, this semester seems to be more light when it comes to the schedule. About the subjects, I think they would be as hardcore as the older ones or even more. But since, the sem has just started, our tasks are not that heavy yet that’s why I am savoring the moment. Enjoys the internet as long as I want because in a few days, I’ll be facing yet another wave of challenges brought by this torturing course.  And if we say internet, who would miss logging in to their social networking site accounts? No one. Of course, it has been a part of any computer-literate person alive. Facebook, Twitter, Multiply, Plurk and the like. People can’t seem to get enough of their online friends.

As for me, I enjoy Twitter more than Facebook and I don’t have Multiply or Plurk. That’s why I kept on prepping up my Twitter profile just for the sake of having something new in my account. And this time, I experimented on my Header and Avatar.

My original idea was just like Miggy Chavez’s (@mggykills) Twitter profile but then I simply cannot make my avatar and header coordinate with each other. I made so many trials before I finally gave up and decided to use those photos instead.

I also tried doing that on Facebook but the same circumstances happened. Maybe there’s really a special way of doing it because I only make assumptions in cropping and everything. While theirs look so perfect, mine obviously shows no sense of improvement at all. But if they can do it, it can happen on my profile too! I just need more time. I hope I can do it before the classes formally starts. 🙂

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