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Just an unpopular fact about me: I am a Potterhead – or what others things Harry Potter lovers are called. Either way, my love for Harry Potter prevails.

I have read the seven books but haven’t watched all the movies. I guess, I’m really just the reading type and perhaps because I really find it hard to understand English movies then what more if the characters speak in such an accent. I don’t have anything against the movies and I would love to watch them all if given a chance. It’s just that the Harry Potter books are so awesome already I cannot contain any more awesomeness yet.

An English project led me to engaging myself with this book that all the smart girls at school that time were talking about. Feeling more forced than interested, I started reading whatever Harry Potter book is available so I can start with my book report and get over it fast. I was lucky that another HP fan was my friend that time and so she lent me the only book which was not borrowed yet, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Yes, I started reading the Harry Potter series from the 5th book. Loving the story, I borrowed the remaining books from Mira and finished it some time during highschool. With enough knowledge about the books and some insights about the movies, I decided to join a community of Harry Potter fans to further enhance my familiarity with that phenomenal story.

I met a lot of HP fans and discovered that what I regard as my fluency in Harry Potter isn’t that fluent at all. I still have a lot of growing up to do, as they say.

Until JK Rowling –the author of the Harry Potter series—launched a bigger community that caters to all the Potterheads in the world which she called the Pottermore. I admit that I have more fandoms that the greatest fangirl in the world could ever think of that’s why at some time, I forgot about joining but still, I made an account and there I became BloodRain2398.


I am still exploring Pottermore so anyone out there can add me up and teach me maybe? LOL

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