Poor yet lucky puppies

Bella, one of our dogs, just gave birth to six cute puppies but unfortunately, the only girl died. 🙁

The five remaining fragile little puppies are now under their mother’s careful company. They’re all creamy white and so cute that even though I am not that into pets, I can’t help but go “Awwweee..” whenever I see them trying their best to crawl into their mommy. But Bella does something disappointing. I don’t know if she’s just too young that she isn’t comfortable doing it yet but she’s a mother already, she must do it. She must feed her babies.

Marxi feeds the puppies. :)

We feel bad that the puppies aren’t getting the proper nutrition that they need to have and so we tried using alternatives in order to give them what their mother fails to provide. Whenever we hear the puppies crying, my brother will bring Bella outside and my younger sister will bring the little Bellas inside the house where we would feed them with sterilized milk.

It’s such a joy to hear the crying stop the moment they were full and afterwards we’ll watch them fall asleep. 🙂

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