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Perks of a Bella: Happiness over disappointments

July 2, 2016. Payday just came by. Those were the times when I call on to self-control gods to help me adult by not giving in to every sales, discounts and promos around. Because #priorities it is.


Thankfully, #PerksofaBella coupons come in so handy that we (me and my boyfriend, Kenneth) were able to buy a luscious Goldilocks Black Forest cake for his mom’s birthday.


Though it took us quite a few negotiations and explanation to have our discount applied since it seemed like it is Goldilocks-Sta.Lucia’s first time receiving a BDJ coupon from a customer because the cashier receiving our order then won’t actually honor our discount at first. I think our coupon reached almost every staff before someone confirmed to us that yes, we are getting the cake 10% off its price.


Their customer service is quite off, considering that we were just left standing at one corner clueless as to how our order was going. I also hoped the cashier who took our order could at least notify us that the processing of our order may take a while, but he simply transferred to an empty register and took other orders there, leaving us and the customers following us waiting in vain. Aside from that, a different cashier who processed our order could not provide us a receipt because as according to her, they couldn’t find that something that will show the discount on the receipt. I told her we’ll just wait for the receipt but she seem to just want our transaction to end by eyeing on the line behind me. Considering the other customers who have waited long also, we just left.

Honestly, as much as I could, I only want to share about the positive moments of my #PerksofaBella experience. Though I tried to just not to talk about the customer service part, the overall experience won’t be complete without it. Also, I thought it could give other Bellas who would want to use their coupons at the same branch in the future a heads up.


Somehow, this made me realize that being a Bella is not all fun and games. When I expected to be treated well –special even– I was treated otherwise. But as a Bella, I didn’t let their attitude towards me affect how I’ll treat them. I understood their side and just learned to give way for the other customers. Besides, the main point here is to give Kenneth’s mom a happy celebration so we tossed the experience aside and made greater ones at home when we celebrated Mama’s birthday.

Good thing Kenneth was there to cheer me up. Besides, according to him, we shouldn’t be sad because it’s for Mama’s birthday. We left the disappointment at that store and proceeded to buy pizza next.


Still thankful to BDJ and Goldilocks for being part of this happy celebration. ^_^

Happiness indeed is a choice. This #PerksofaBella experience, however different from the usual ones, is as equally as memorable. I did not only get a discount, but I also learned lessons I never thought I’d get whilst buying a black forest cake. 🙂

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