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I am not really that explore-y when it comes to music. Once I hear a song and I liked it, I’ll try searching for the artist’s  other songs and eventually start to like them all too.

I saw my professor post a music video on Facebook. The song’s title is Let Her Go. I thought it was one of Disney’s Frozen soundtrack parody and got curious and checked it out. To my surprise, it was actually a song. A beautiful song. The artist is Passenger.

I loved the song Let Her Go because of the emotions in it. That’s what I’ve been looking for in a song. So I searched for the other songs by Passenger and I have never been so right. Hihi. I loved all of them!! Especially Life’s for the Living.

I haven’t checked the information about the artist yet but I already heard some of his songs and I can say that he is really a great artist. His songs are  relate-able and some are funny too. 🙂

I recommended his music to my friends and no doubt, they liked them as well.

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