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Pamper thy car

I’m a Catholic and it is a tradition that not all but a lot of Catholics in the different parts of Metro Manila would join in this very long walk to Antipolo church. This is done in order to honor the sacrifices of Jesus Christ as He was being punished to save us all. It is commonly called “alay lakad” and this year is my first year of joining this tradition and I’d love to do it again next year for the glory of the Lord.

On the other hand, this experience opened my eyes to a lot of things even the non-religious ones. And one of them is the importance of transportation. Approximately I covered almost 15km just going to the church and almost 10km back to the bus terminal which on a daily basis should be done with the means of transportation mediums. So for me cars are very important nowadays especially that roads are not that convenient for people to walk through. So for those who own their cars already taking care of your car is a must and good thing there are people who care about your car as much as you do. And this directory will surely lead you to the nearest auto repair shop at your place. With their transparent repair price estimate , you can make sure that you get the right information that you need. There’s still a lot of benefits this site has to offer so don’t hesitate and visit them now. Repairpal surely knows how to pamper you car.

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2 thoughts on “Pamper thy car

  1. gosh. ang hirap nun. i mean, you walked that far? tsk. aside from fasting for the whole day which comes super natural to me, i have never done anything that is so tiring for my religion. (as a Muslim.)

    1. Thank you for sharing some of your experience in your religion. First time ko mag-alay lakad. Nakakapagod pero inisip ko na lang para kay Lord naman. 🙂

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