To our lovable Princess

We have a dog named Princess. She is a pitbull. Neji’s family gave her to us when she was 2 years old. She is very beautiful and healthy. She has become my favorite amongst our other dogs such as Lyka, Bella, Juts, Chino, and GF. The three latter already in heaven so Princess, Lyka and Bella are our current pets.


Now, she is five and sad to say, she has become weak and has wounds. The hard part is we don’t know where the allergy came from. And we are afraid that she might not make it until tomorrow. ;(

And moments from now, mama said that Princess is gasping her breath.


I will never forget that we had a dog named Princess. She was a pitbull. Neji’s family gave her to us when she was 2 years old and died at 5. She is still very beautiful though already unhealthy. She is still my favorite. She is now with the other three in heaven. Making  Lyka and Bella our current pets. She was very quiet and solemn. Everybody who knows her will surely miss her.

We love you, Princess.

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Have you ever had this one sleepless night when no matter how much you try not to think of someone, you cannot erase them from your mind and instead of sleeping through the night, you spend it thinking about how to get them back.

You did nothing wrong, that’s what you know yet things turned out differently from what you’ve expected, from what it should be.

Someone important in your life just changed path without you knowing the real reason. Hearsays are flying here and there but the confirmation straight from the subject is still out of the scene. Which unfortunately is the most important part of these puzzle.

So now, you spend your days troubled about what, when, how, why did she suddenly became that way. You try to show that you’re strong and that you can manage to live life without her but it’s just lacking. Something is missing even though how hard you try to continue life without that one person, you cannot deny the fact that she’s gone and sadly, took away a part of your heart.

By the way, this is generally not a love story but it can be applied.

On the lighter side, you still have your other friends who can deliver the same laughter and energy just as before. The ones who never fail to crack the corniest jokes yet you still laugh your heart out. You pass through rough roads which is a part of growing up. What’s more important is that you never fail to support each other. The key? It’s trust and respect. When somebody in the group feels left out, it’s better that there’s someone who’s sure to cheer him up. There’s should never a somebody who faces the challenges alone.

I don’t know if anything from what I’ve said is useful but I suggest one thing, talk about it. Just between your circle only. No second or third parties this time just you. Say everything. Tell the things that hurt you and the things that you didn’t understand from the start. Renew the friendship. DON’T MIND OTHER PEOPLE for now because they are contaminating your beautiful relationship. Decide on what’s more important, PRIDE or FRIENDSHIP. You’ve gone too far to be ruined by a not so clever misunderstanding. Talk about it, respect each others decisions and live freely without HATE in your hearts. Reset? It’s easier if you call on Him first. He’s always listening.

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Warning: This posts is full of rage if you hate the blogger you might as well not continue reading for you might hate her more (else you want it  to be that way?)

I’ve read different opinions about gay people and how the society treat the majority of them and for me, it’s disgusting.

If you want respect to be given to you, be willing to give it to others too.

People, no matter how we look, speak, dress, walk and talk, we are people. We live in the same planet, breathe the same air and dream under the same stars so why is there a need to criticize others to the point of destroying their reputations?

If you consider pointing fingers at other people and talking about them at their backs just for your own enjoyment then you deserve to be hated. Why? Because you don’t have respect on yourself either. You wouldn’t do things that will destroy your image if you respect yourself and being rude to people on the third sex is not a good thing therefore vandalizing YOUR own reputation. Keep this in mind, if people hate you, it’s not a very good response to hate them too but a better way is to prove them wrong.

You don’t hate somebody just like that! You shouldn’t judge somebody just because of his sexual preference. There’s more to a person than his sexuality. I mean, this is really driving nuts. Calling names to somebody who’s gay is just so bullshit like who the hell are you? Let me just remind you that you are not perfect just as anybody else in this world which happen to be the place where those “abnormal creatures” that you call also live. Offending their sexual preference just to prove your point is just like being the backseat driver. Your opinion is pointless, unwanted, mean, offensive, below the belt and beyond the pale.

Let me add that being straight doesn’t make you a good person, being humble does. Lower your pride. It’s good for the heart.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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New moon journal

It’s strange sometimes when I got the inspiration to write, it’s most probably in the middle of a busy sched or in a peculiar place. Those were the times when my mind is full of ideas and my vocabulary is really productive BUT those were also the moments when a pen and paper are out of sight and reach.


So now, I’m very thankful to finally possess a journal which I painstakingly begged for my sister to give me. And here’s the story of me and my journal:


She has this “twilight saga journal set” and she’s using the Twilight now. I wanted it so bad the moment I saw that set beside her closet but I instantly didn’t think that she was going to give me one but fate stepped in and her ever-precious-boyfriend-given shades had gone missing. After a rather sweaty days of searching, she finally gave up and asked me to look for it instead.

To my surprise, she said that I  will be given 100Php if I will be able to find her shades. The money was perfect for me but all of a sudden a picture of the journal flashed before my eyes and at that same moment, I demanded for a bigger reward and that, as you have expected, is the saga journal.


To my surprise again, my sister coercively said, “Look for it first!” Which i took as a yes. With enough motivation, I started my search. I remember that I just finished taking a bath that time so I was still wearing only my towel but I looked for it anyway.

I looked inside her closet and in our messy accessories shelf – no shades.

Suddenly  I thought of looking at the top of mom’s closet  where a lot of our unused things get stacked and woollaaaa! There’s the shades! I think it didn’t took me 5 minutes. I was so lucky! 🙂

She gave me the money the next day and this journal, I think, weeks later. But it’s okay. I know it’s hard to be away from her babies. 🙂


Here's my journal. 🙂

New moon! 🙂

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Elisha and Dylan

As I stalk Adam Young’s Twitter profile, I saw a reply to an unfamiliar person so I never hesitated to click that tweet and keenly read it. “So the lucky one’s a girl” I first thought of. But then as I finished reading it, I figured out that this lucky girl that I supposed was not that at all very lucky because she’s encountering a serious problem in her family. Adam Young tweeted her to send his support on Elisha (the girl on his twitter) and his little brother Dylan who was diagnosed with a bone disease called Multiple Hereditary Exostoses (MHE). I knew this because I was able to track Elisha’s Tumblr account on twitter. There she posts about her brother’s disease and her eagerness to help the foundation which supports children who has the same situation as his brother.

If you have time, I suggest you visit her page. There you’ll know what does “the best sister in the world” would truly mean.

For all the times I begged for Owl City to come back in the Philippines, I realized just now that there is more to life than seeing my favorite singer perform on a faraway stage and that is to be able to help others.

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Talking about favorite dates and aging

It’s still March 1. Nearly 2 and a half hours since my last non-sense post. I realized I shouldn’t have welcomed this month that way especially because it is MY month. 🙂

Why? Because in 26 days I’m turning 19! Yey! I don’t know why but I’ve always been excited about my birthday. I don’t get huge parties or exciting gifts but the mere thought of people remembering me on that day, the day I was born, deeply touches my heart. Just the thought of it, actually.

(more photos here: CLICK! 🙂

Christmas Day and my birthday are the two events that I’m always waiting for each year. Funny how they’re so apart from each other so the excitement is really high whenever the months are going near. I really, really love the smell of December air and the feeling of being finally free from a tight schedule during March for it is the end of the semester.

Christmas days helps me to remember the value of giving and loving while my birthday reminds me of life. That the only real way is up. We keep on growing old and it means we are having the greatest opportunity in life which is to experience it.

Many times I envy younger people around me thinking that they’re about to experience the same things that I did  when I was their age but then as I comprehend it a little longer, I realized somebody older than me might be feeling the way I do right now and it’s just an endless cycle of human’s frustration about their age. So I drop the thought immediately. 🙂


Yet, I know it’s still so hard not to feel envious about high school teens having proms, HS parties, teacher’s day celebrations and a lot more cool things. I’m still a teen though, there’s more exciting things to come into my life. The memories can never be replaced just added.

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Dear friend

In the hope of making you feel any better.

I heard the news couple of days ago and I instantly didn’t know what to say when I received the message of our classmate through chat. I didn’t text him right away because I really lack words to utter.

My grandma just passed away Feb. 6 and the sadness is still creeping on me every night. All the regrets just keep flashing before my eyes and I can say, I never really had moved on yet.

Here’s a crazy fact about me, I have fancied death when i was a child. I love reading quotes about death. The beauty of death has captured me during those times like it was never really a different thing in the world except that it makes all things disappear and go to somewhere else I don’t have any knowledge of. As a kid that was death to me.

But now, after my lola passed away, I see it as a passage way to the Kingdom of God. I mean, it is the only way for a person to reach our Real Home which He had prepared for us. And that is where my lola and your dad are going.

I can still remember the tears my father had cried. It was countless. I’ve never seen him breakdown like that. Never until my lola’s funeral. He’s hugging my mom and his youngest sister, the three of them were so weak because of constant crying. During the wake days, he was sad but still entertains visitors, talks and drinks with his old friends. I never thought though I should have that his heart is tearing and breaking into small pieces that can never be mended anymore. I just saw that when reality strikes and that our lola’s body have to be buried six feet under the ground.

That moment was unforgettable and indeed agonizing. And now, I can say, that a friend of mine suffer the same situation. I may not know how he feels. I may not still have the correct words to say to make him feel better but all I want to say is that you are never alone.

I don’t ask him to feel better in an instant. I’m not reprimanding him to stop crying or what so. I just want to send him my deepest condolences. And that I am a friend always in his side. Pardon me for saying all this cliche but this is really what I want you to know.

We, all your classmates in our block, have been praying for your family. No, don’t thank us for doing that. You don’t have to because at the very beginning you deserve this kind of love and appreciation.

And please know that I’m doing this not because you’ve helped me in any way. I’m doing this because I know that you need me and this is the only way that I know I can make myself be expressed. I hope I’m able to heal a portion of your heart.

Here’s just another simple request from a not-co-close friend of yours:

Please be strong. Strengthen your faith even more. Don’t ever think that you are alone in this because you certainly are not. I know that what you’re experiencing is genuinely super hard and no blog post can remove the sorrow just remember God’s promises and believe that your father is safe and watching you with Him. You don’t want your dad to feel sad because you are sad, right?

Condolence, Vince.

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Me As An Owl City U Student

Ako unang nag-post sa Phils. House sa OCU.

I follow him everywhere and since I am in the Philippines, my everywhere is limited to social networking sites only. That’s why I’m truly greatful they came. Twitter, Facebook, what else? Tell me, please.
Anyway, answering my own question,
Simple lang. 😉
Owl City has Adam Young. The man whose optimism is so limitless he wishes an avalanche to crash over him –if it’s of fruits, especially strawberry. He who loves fireflies and flaunts it. The man with the talent to capture us with his words, his lyrics, his melody, his songs. The Adam who writes about life so differently you dearly wish you were in his shoe. I know there’s still a lot of reasons so I leave the rest up to you. Let’s make Our Dean proud.
Go Philippines! Go Owl City.

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His Wonders

Before, I used to listen to different artists when I’m bored or kind of sad. Until I discovered Vanilla Twilight (yeah, not Fireflies) and since then, Adam has been able to capture my heart in his every songs. It’s like I’m in a different world when I hear his voice, perhaps it’s in his world he’s bringing me and that’s when I started listening to a single artist more often. And yeah, I am able to make other people’s heavy feelings lighter -and mine also, of course- just by citing lines from his songs.
Thank you, Adam.

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