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Fangirl Diaries: SB19 WHAT❓ mood film Interpretation

The mood film presented so much depth despite it being a one minute video of random snippets that we may take as representations. The boys aren’t clearly even shown yet it left a great impression to viewers. The tantamount of theories in Twitter can serve as proof. As of this writing, the video is on Youtube #18 trending with 116,928 views from its premiere 21 hours ago. Watch the mood film here: I may be late to the party, but here’s my interpretation to SB19’s mood film for their upcoming comeback consistently called “WHAT❓” By the way, I am writing

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I’m supposed to be doing my AutoCAD right now but I just don’t know what to do! So I figured I better write another post. Just to feed my long time hungry blog. This day was quite tiring. Being the leader of the subject I’m most afraid of, I still don’t want to disappoint my groupmates so I scheduled a meeting this day for us to finish our laboratory exercises in Higher Surveying which we accomplished immediately. group 6 higher surveying – altura bridge LAB 3 Doing it under the heat of the sun didn’t help much but still, we


One sad thing about being known as a happy person is that nobody really cares if you’re sad, miserable, down or frustrated. Comforts are sent here and there. You are thankful but you are aware that those don’t instantly take the pain away. And being the happy one as you are, you tend to deal with your hardships alone. Too ashamed of what others might think of you if you poured your problems out. But you know yourself. You are not one of the people who fake their feelings just to be seen. You are suffering and indeed you can’t

The Consequence I

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The Consequence II

You may have what the world regards as the easiest course and people may laugh at you but if it makes you happy, in the future it will bring you to the best place you are supposed to be, far from the prejudicial stares of the public.

The Search

I hope this post or even just the thought of it reaches the people concerned. I could just wish. During grade school and high school days, I was part of our schools’ Journalism Club. In elementary I write editorials and in high school I was feature editor. I love to write, yes but I’m not sure if I write that well already because my classmates write far, far way better than me. However uncertain, I was determined to take up Journalism course in college. Until fate opened me the world of Digital and Multimedia Arts. That time I was eager