Last year, around September, I started my devotion. And earlier this month, I did something I could be proud of. I finished my first ever devotion notebook! I know it’s really quite a long time but what’s important is, I was able to finish one and still wishes to have more. Thus I need a new one because the devotion has to continue.


So I visited National Bookstore, went straight to the where the journal notebooks were and indulged myself to the beauty of each cover. But despite the classy designs and motivational quotations on the sheets, I picked a simply familiar notebook. I planned on buying the exact design as my first until I saw some of its cousins and I decided to get the same brand but with different cover.

Before paying for it, I scanned some books and explored the whole bookstore. I had newly-added stuff on my imaginary to-buy list mostly books on baking and on finding the right one. Hihi. Until I reached the non-books side of the store. Post-it notes always had this space in my heart. Though I am not fond of buying them, I’ve always loved to look at them that is why I never fail to visit this part of the bookstore. And if you turn your head a little, you’ll see the office supplies corner. There I saw this lovely hanger which I almost bought if I weren’t saving for my incoming cosplay this month. So I took a photo instead.


“That’s my hanger!” I said to myself. I really love owls. And I mean the real and unreal ones. I have adored them since I started  appreciating the music of Owl City. Yeah, I know. So deep. Hahaha!

I roamed around the bookstore still and on the corner where the picture frames lie, I saw an other bunch of owl stuff. Hihi. Owlverload indeed.nearlawliet2172

I love window shopping especially with this kind of sight!

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