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Owl City Live in Manila – May 8, 2015

I was savoring my free Facebook by Globe one morning of February when a familiar Facebook page appeared on my Newsfeed. “Oh hi Adam…” was simply what I said in my head, getting used to seeing updates by Owl City. Only this time, something was different. There were words in that update that rang a thousand bells; words that felt so at home with, near. Few seconds later, it dawned on me. It was like I were Titanic and the news was the iceberg.

I saw Manila and May and free and some other words that pertain to Adam Young visiting my country yet again!

Alone on the bus, I was all poker face outside that I became envious of my inner self for being able to jump up and down on an instant trampoline that I don’t know where she got for pure joy. Still trying to be calm, I decided not to share the update yet thinking that it was just a misinformation from the many Owl City pages that I used to follow. Until finally, on all caps, I saw Mother Owl post not exactly the update but the outburst of her emotions upon knowing the news. I understood full well that her post was about Owl City visiting the Philippines finally after years of waiting. And so I believed.

I remember attending Owl City Philippines’ launch of The Midsummer Station a few years back. The event was enjoyable with lots of dancing (Good Time contest), singing (Name the Owl City song contest), Adam standees, CDs and a lot more. I even got a free DVD from the raffle! J And the most memorable part is when Grace (Owl City PH Founder, Mother Owl) told us that they have a surprise for us. It was indeed a surprising moment when we saw Adam on Odyssey’s hanging TV talking to us, his fans from the PHILIPPINES thanking us and stuff and and…  Was I supposed to finish story telling? Well, nevertheless, I don’t think that memory will ever be erased from any Owl City fan here in the Philippines. Adam also promised that he will be visiting us #SOON. A promise we, Filipino Owl City fans held on to until this day that he finally announced the official date.

And so on the 8th of May 2015, Owl City will be having a concert here in the Philippines, Bonifacio Global City to be exact. And if you think that’s all, here’s the catch, the concert is free! I know, asdfghjkldkjsadkashdkjs right!

Happy 5th Anniversary Owl City Philippines!

Add to that Owl City Philippines’ celebration of their 5th year anniversary as well as their all-out efforts in promoting this event. The support level is really high on this fanbase and I am really proud that I am a member of this family. For their anniversary, they are giving away Owl City shirts and CDs which I personally what to have even just one and I’m sharing this to you too so that you can have a chance. Below is the link of the pretty easy anniversary giveaway:

It doesn’t matter how long it took just as long as you continue to inspire people and of course, bring glory to God through your works, our support will always be with you Adam! See you on May 8!

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One thought on “Owl City Live in Manila – May 8, 2015

  1. You’re so lucky!!! I hope he goes to my country also 🙂
    Your fanbase deserves the privelege too because u rly love adam so much

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