A new haircut and some shit

Ticcle and I have been planning to have our hair cut last week just for a change but I’m still thinking twice because my original plan was to keep my hair long and probably have it rebonded before the school year starts. Unfortunately I got so bored and the weather is not much of help in my plan so i decided just to have it trimmed.

I also wanted to have bangs like Ticcle’s so I asked the hairdresser to do the same on mine. But, unfortunately again, it turned out differently because according to him my hair was treated already unlike Ticcle’s natural hair.

this is not my friend but the hairstyle I'm talking about looks more like this

To me it doesn’t matter that I can’t get the hairstyle that I wanted. What upset me the most is that they compared me to my friend who obviously is more beautiful than I am. Okay I don’t look that nice and cute and all but you don’t have to brag in front of me that I’ll never have the look that I want. You being the hairdresser should in fact have told me in the first place that what I’m trying to achieve is not possible because of my rebonded hair so I can decide if I’ll still go for it or just change my plan. Was that hard to do? Or laughing at me and gossiping with your co-workers as I go out of the salon is easier work for you?

I’m never going back to that salon again. Oh, maybe will just not let that guy touch my hair again even if I have to wait longer for another hairdresser.

That night also, I felt so depressed I cried. Funny part is I’m starting to laugh about it now too. Good thing I talked to my Bestfriend ever before i go to sleep. I told him my thoughts and He showed me a beautiful sky as I start my day today. As a sign that He listened to my story and now grants me the confidence that I prayed for last night. 🙂

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