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OKADA Manila’s Hope In Full Bloom

It’s no doubt that Japan has the most beautiful sceneries especially during spring season, no, actually every season in Japan has its own beauty. And by this time, if only things were the same back then, most of us would have been posing under cherry blossom trees there. With the Japan tomi8urism being more welcoming to tourists, I can only imagine the Instagram feed of many Filipinos who might be able to visit the said country.

Personally, I was lucky enough to experience spring season in Japan but it was already a few years back. While I am here wishing about being under those pink flowers again, as if reading my thoughts or was she a genie sent to grant wishes, Ms. Patricia of Okada Manila shared about their ongoing event that has the Spring Season theme. Imagine my excitement when she sent me the photos!!

It is called Okada Manila’s Sakura Festival: Hope in Full Bloom. And it runs from March 8-28, 2021. Okada Manila made an effort to at least make us experience Japan’s sakura season without having to travel by plane. They recreated the beauty of the pink scenery right here on our own land with the makeshift sakura tress and iconic toori gates, giving almost the real Japan experience.

While gatherings are still not allowed, the displays are open to everyone to take photos with. You can simply drop by the area and have your photos taken. Post your photos with the hashtags #SakuraOkada #OkadaManila and you might receive Okad Manila merchnadise!

Shall you have some extra time, Okada Manila also provided simple workshops for a more Japan feel. With a proof of purchase from Okada Manila’s merchants, you can join the kanji writing or origami making workshops and even have a chance to experince wearing the traditional Japanese clothing which is the kimono.

Workshop kits will also be given to participants as a form of token for joining tve events. On top of these activities, public safety is still the number one priority so the guests will be provided PPE or poncho on top of their clothes so as to provide safety to everyone.

For more information, you can visit OKADA MANILA’s Twitter page.

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