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I haven’t written in ages since arriving here in Japan so “Ohisashiburi!” It is a Japanese phrase meaning “Long time no see,” in English. Or should I say, “Gobusatadesu!” It means, “Sorry I haven’t written to you for a long time.” But I am no Nihongo sensei so let us stop at that.

Now what to say, I am writing at random now because I just chance upon my housemate’s laptop and thought I should visit my blog. It’s been months! OMG.


I am doing fine here in Japan, I miss my family all the time but the convenient life here makes everyday survivable. Thanks to Internet also, I am able to talk to my family anytime.

I guess I will just make separate posts about my life here in Japan because there are just lots to share. I really regret not updating more often. I did not bring my laptop too which makes blogging hard but I will try to share some time when my housemate’s laptop is free.

For now, nice to be back!

Have you been to Japan too? Which is your favorite part of Japan? Please share them to me too so I can look forward to them here. Although I am no traveler here, I would love to know more about how other people see Japan too.

Ja, ne!



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