Oh flood!

My family is still very thankful that we were together when the non-stop rain poured over the Northern Luzon part of the Philippines last last week. One moment we were monitoring the water then suddenly it’s inside our house. The water rose quickly indeed. Still, I was relieved to know that the citizens on the lower side of our street already evacuated even before their houses were soaked in flood. The barangay officials were responsible enough as well as they woke us up when another stronger rain came pouring in allowing us to save whatever things we can and prepare for the upcoming rush of water.

The water was up to my knee inside our house and Bella (our dog) was too afraid of the dark during the first night of her stay in our sala. Her house was submerged in water and she cannot stay upstairs with us because our second floor was very crowded already so my sister provided a candle for her to stop barking.

The warning came in at around 12 am in the morning and all we can do is save the lighter appliances, pray for a better weather tomorrow, listen to father’s battery-operated radio and sleep. With so many things going on in my mind, honestly, I found this calamity quite useful for I can just pretend to be asleep though I am not at all sleepy, in fact, I never slept much at all during those times. I just prayed and prayed and hoped for some things though everything’s a blur.

The next day, the flood rose again leaving us trapped in our house and in our street. So another day passed and I just wrote on a little notebook of mine, trying so hard to stay strong inspite of what’s happening.

When PAGASA finally announced a better weather on Thursday, we indeed were greeted by a brightly shining sun with rays escaping the gap between the leaves of our mango tree.

We thought, “Okay, here comes the sun!” and we went out just to see what’s going on outside. A couple of shots did our stay and we went back home again.


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